Decision Point AI™ UK

Decision Point AI™ UK is the UK professional services consulting division of Decision Point AI™. It is focused on analysing client issues and providing consulting services to support strategic, tactical and operational adoption of the Decision Point AI technology. It does this through bespoke consultancy involving Service Design, Human Centred Design and classic Business Analysis techniques.

At Decision Point AI™ UK we have recognised that clients need support in understanding where they can gain value from AI in their organisations. To support this we have defined four key offerings for easier adoption. These four offerings also target potential client types, what they will gain, for what level of engagement and input required.

  • Decision Point AI™ Service Applications
  • Decision Point AI™ Enterprise Applications
  • Decision Point AI™ Expertise Applications
  • Decision Point AI™ OEM Applications

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Decision Point AI™ UK

Decision Point AI Limited is registered in Scotland and Based in Edinburgh SC640962.